Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rendezvous with My Terrace

This is a rendezvous with my very dear friend, and my savior in solitude.
The one who hears me aloud, never breaks my trust, and has been there with me forever. But this is not a person instead a place which gives me freedom as much as I want, the span of a sky, the liveliness of the whole world, the chirpiness of the birds, the moonlit nights and the beautiful sun rises and the sun sets.

You must be wondering what is this, who is this and where is this.
This is my terrace, my beautiful and lovely terrace.

The place where I have had lovely childhood memories, which has been with me in my sorrows and my happiness; the part of my home which I treasure the most.
I remember the times when I was a kid, we used to play on the terrace. All the beautiful festivals were celebrated on the terrace be it Holi, Diwali, Baisakhi, Teej. Many kites were flown and caught. Many candles were relighted on a windy Diwali night. Many colour filled balloons were splashed colouring its beautiful walls more beautiful on Holi.
In the night as we used to sleep on the terrace under the open sky, looking at the beautiful sky, I learnt many lessons from my mother about the stars; getting a live practical learning which I can never forget.The early morning on the lovely terrace used to be more lovelier as the birds chirped, and the beautiful sun also woke up to wake me up.
Many times I revised my lessons and narrated it to the terrace aloud, prepared for my speeches to be given in the school, prepared for the acts I was taking part on the annual day of the school.

While sitting on the terrace,many times I got lost in the sky above me while holding a book in my hand. The clouds formed so many formations which I made stories with my imagination as I sat on my dear terrace.

I have always found solutions to my problems as i grew up, my terrace has always been a trusted confidant. The vast sky above has always given me the power to dream beyond. The openess has always given me the ability to realise the power of freedom. My terrace has played a great role in making me who i am today.

But as I move ahead, I realise the skyscrapers are taking my terrace away from me. They are separating my beloved friend from me, taking my confidant far from me.

So I wonder where and how I am going to find a friend like it, a trustworthy friend who never asked anything in return, who always celebrated in my joys, and held me tightly in my sorrows, who helped me take decisions and decide what is right and what is wrong for me.

As I step towards entering the next stage of my life,standing on my own, making a life on my own, I worry will I find this wonderful friend with me wherever I go ; though I doubt but still I pray for it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My journey from Panipat to Hissar

My journey from Panipat to Hissar.
Panipat is same as Hissar, in terms of weather conditions and also in terms of infrastructure and all but quite famous for the handlooms and powerlooms. Its always been the summers destination because of my Nanaji and Naniji being there. It was quite hot and as usual the power cuts worsening the situation further so it was no better than being at home. But Home is always the best. And i would bet we all were thinking in our minds, the old proverb in Hindi on our way back "Laut ke budhhu ghar ko aaye" ;-)

We ha
d quite an adventurous journey back home today.Infact always the journey to Panipat has got to to be adventurous atleast on one side. So let me start with my journey stint ;-)

Today we reached the Panipat bus stand at 6 in the morning, and there was a bus scheduled at 6.15, quite a nice bus, so we were happy that journey will go good. The journey started at 6.15, and around 7, the driver noticed a sound coming from the bus's engine, so he stopped to check it and finally declared that the bus can't move further.. so here starts the adventure.

Also another thing to mention, the frequency of buses on that route is quite less, so we waited there for half an hour, when the next bus came and we all got into it, quite a huge rush. My brother had to travel for another one and half hour standing, i got a seat after half an hour, and my mother got half a seat.
This goes till the midpoint of the journey. Then we reach Jind, the mid point actually. There we all got full seats but not for a long time. As another lot was waiting as the previous bus hadn't come, so quite a huge rush got in. So an old fat auntyji, who would be called "Tayi" in typical haryanvi language,requested us to make her fit in :P So me, my mother and tayi we came sitting on 2 seats till Hansi. Then finally the rush got down and we all came till hisar that is actually half an hour journey quite comfortably. So what do you think how was our journey.. ;)

So Home is always the best. And i would bet we all were thinking in our minds, the old proverb in Hindi on our way back "Laut ke budhhu ghar ko aaye" ;-)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Meri Maa

How would you define a mother, a creature called by various names, given various honors.
Who is she, and where has she come from? Does anyone has an answer to this question, if yes then please do tell me, because I am just amazed by the wonderfulness of this lovely creature.

Qualities like patience, love, thankless giving describe such a creature. She is beautiful, not only from outside but full of inner beauty. She is someone who has been compared to and given the honor of being God.

A small poem for this lovely and amazing creature

Nau mahine mujhe apni kokh mein sanjo ke rakha tumne,
har buri nazar se hamesha bachaya tumne,
kaun ho tum aur kisne bheja hai tumko?
ohh ma,
kahan se aayi ho tum,
kahan se itni mamta apne seene mein chhupa ke laayi ho tum.

fir kokh se nikalte hi, meri har dhadkan ,
har ehsaas ko bina kuch kahe hi smjh liya hai tumne,
mere ishaaron ko awaaz di hai tumne,
mere chaaron taraf raksha kavach khada kiya tumne.

ab to btaa hi do kaun ho tum, jo meri har cheekh par yun daudi chali aayi,
mujhe god mein liya utha aur muskaan mere chehre pe le aayi.
meri kilkaariyon ne tumhe khushi se bhar diya,
teri aankhon ki us chamak se mera rom rom khil gya.

ohh ma, meri har zarurat ko smjha tumne,
meri har baat ko suna,chahe fir wo kahi ho ya ankahi,
mere gusse ko bhi saha, aur mere aansu bhi paunchhe,
aakhir kaun ho tum,
jo meri khushi mein bhi jhoom uthi aur fir dukh bhi baanta jab bhi zarurat padi.

kabhi na maanga mujhse kuch, kabhi na kuch kaha,
bas chup chap, haste haste tumne yu hi mujhe ek mukammal insaan bnaa diya.
meri himmat bani jab bhi kadam mere dagmagaaye,
mera hauslaa bani jab bhi nayi disha mein kadam maine badhaaye.

mera sar jhuka hai us bhagwan ke aage aaj,
ki usne diya tere roop mein mujhe ek saathi, ek hamdard, ek dost aur ek sahara.
us bhagwan ke aage main naman hun aaj,
jo di usne mujhe teri kokh, tere aanchal ka saaya aur tere haathon ka dulaar.
nahin to ye zaalim duniya mein nahin jee paati main,
tere astitav ke bina apna astitav nahin dhund paati main.

I dedicate this poem to my mom, and to all the wonderful mothers of this world.

I have realised its very tough to be a mom, to be one who can just keep on giving selflessly. It requires a lot of courage, and a lot of patience. And I just bow to such a wonderful creature that God has created for us. I love you mumma.

College ke din

This poem is taken from a forwarded e-mail. And i loved this as this wonderful whosover has written, has actually described, every feeling that is felt when we come out of college life.

And then we realise, what are we going to miss now, and what wonderful life we had had few months or few years back.

To this instance a dialogue from the movie "Rang De Basanti" comes to my mind: "Iss college ke gate ke iss taraf hum zindagi ko nachaate hain aur college ke gate ke uss taraf, zindagi humein nachaati hai."

Very true...

I dedicate the following poem, which though has not been written by me, but i beleive in whatever has been written is very true, and has deeply touched mny heart; to the wonderful college life.

Nice poem on the last day of college

Raah dekhi thi is din ki kabse,
Aage ke sapne saja rakhe the naajane kab se.
Bade utavle the yahaan se jaane ko ,
Zindagi ka agla padaav paane ko .

Par naa jane kyon ..Dil mein aaj kuch aur aata hai,
Waqt ko rokne ka jee chahta hai.

Jin baton ko lekar rote the Aaj un par hansi aati hai ,
Na jaane kyon aaj un palon ki yaad bahut aati hai .

Kaha karte the ..Badi mushkil se char saal seh gaya,
Par aaj kyon lagta hai ki kuch peeche reh gaya.

Na bhoolne wali kuch yaadein reh gayi,
Yaadien jo ab jeene ka sahara ban gayi.

Meri taang ab kaun kheencha karega ,
Sirf mera sir khane kaun mera peecha karega.
Jahaan 2000 ka hisaab nahin wahaan 2 rupay ke liye kaun ladega,

Kaun raat bhar saath jag kar padega ,
KAUN MERI gaadi mujse pooche bina lejayega ,
Kaun mere naye naye naam banayega.
Mein ab bina matlab kis se ladoonga,
Bina topic ke kisse faalto baat karoonga ,

Kaun fail hone par dilasa dilayega,
Kaun galti se number aane par gaaliyaan sunayega .

Tapri mein Chai kis ke saath piyoonga ,
Wo haseen pal ab kis ke saath jiyoonga,

Aise dost kahaan milenge Jo khai mein bhi dhakka de aayein,
Par fir tumhein bachane khud bhi kood jayein.

Mere gaano se pareshaan kaun hoga ,
Kabhi muje kisi ladki se baat karte dekh hairaan kaun hoga ,

Kaun kahega saale tere joke pe hansi nahin aai ,
Kaun peeche se bula ke kahega..aage dekh bhai .

Movies mein kiske saath dekhhonga,
Kis ke saath boring lectures jheloonga ,

Bina dare sachi rai dene ki himmat kaun karega.

Achanak bin matlab ke kisi ko bhi dekh kar paglon ki tarah hansna,
Na jaane ye fir kab hoga .

Doston ke liye professor se kab lad payenge ,
Kya hum ye fir kar payenge,

Raat ko 2 baje poha khane station kaun jayega ,
Tez gaadi chalane ki shart kaun lagayega .

Kaun muje mere kabiliyat par bharosa dilayega,
Aur jyada hawa mein udne par zameen pe layege ,

Meri khushi mein sach mein khush kaun hoga ,
Mere gam mein muj se jyada dukhi kaun hoga...


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Change is the only thing constant"

We say change is constant and the person who accepts this fact and agrees with this does lead an easy life. But over this period i realized, change is something i have been always looking forward to. But I have always missed out on the journey to achieve that change. I have never bothered to live the change which I expected to happen. Its tough to explain in words, which I am going to try hard in this post. I am going to tell you a small story.

There was a girl, very ambitious and very hardworking. She would work hard and would make it sure she achieves what she wants to, and her hard work always used to pay. She did achieve what she wanted to. But one day she was sitting alone pondering on what has happened, what is going to happen. She realized, she has always been running from one stage to other, from one change to other. She never lived the changes she made in her life.
Its very true that we realize the preciousness of something when that is gone far from us. And that is how time always plays the games with us. We don't treasure what we own, but we always look up to what we want to own. And this does make the life tougher.
I believe everyone of us who is living to fulfill his or her ambitions is going through such emotions now or then. Everyone of us has that girl alive in them. But we rarely sit back and think about those feelings, or we rarely let those feelings grow in us. Those feelings which might help us live through the change, be constant with the change, and to realize the importance to PRESENT equivalent to the importance of FUTURE.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

“I feel I am the richest person in the world”

It seems like it was yesterday only when I literally left my job on a 10 day notice with dreams in my eyes to be part of college life again. It seems like yesterday only when I was back to attending classes after a year of attending meetings and grilling discussion sessions.

The two golden years of my life seem to have got over so early, so soon and yet so memorable, leaving in my heart so many memories to take ahead. Though the life here is over and the signal to move on to the next stage of life has come, but it seems to me that I want to linger on these memorable moments for some more time. I am yearning to have few more months or few more days to spend with the wonderful people I met and made close friends with in these two short years of my life.

It was so tough to initially adjust to long sessions of listening to professors and gain knowledge after working for a year and now it feels so weird to get back into that fierce corporate world. I remember in few of my initial classes I used to have a feeling that this is like another training session at my office and in few hours it would be over and I would be back at my workstation juggling with the work around. In the initial days, it felt so good to know new people around here, but there was always a feeling that the friends whom I have left behind are still waiting for me to come round the corner in the cafeteria of my office.

Finally I realized that this is the place where I am going to shape my career, where I am going to be a part for next two years, and I accepted that these people around me are going to be my family for next two years.

It is a sad feeling to leave behind things and start fresh; in fact it requires a lot of energy and a lot of dedication. So the moment I realized that this is the way the game is going to be played , I tried my best to make the place around me beautiful, to build relationships around me which I could treasure for life.

It was not only about living a life here in new environment, in a new city but also it was about proving your mettle in the battlefield. It was about being able to face the pressure and still being the best of what you are, it was being able to be patient and still all the more aggressive.

Over these two years, there have been many memorable moments, many lives I have touched and found people whom I can treasure for life. Though the world still works on the theory of Darwin that only the fittest is the one who survives in the end, and hence cut throat competition but still I found some good people around me who care more to be successful in life than being successful in career. They understand the preciousness of having a wonderful friend by your side.

The two years of fun in hostel, having late night teas with friends, doing assignments and then leaving everything to just sit and gossip. Life has been such a fun in these two years which is inexpressible in words. It sounds funny cooking late night maggi and a bunch of 6 people eating from the same bowl of maggi. And now the situation is it feels so weird to cook maggi and be able to finish the whole of it alone.

It has been amazing experience getting ready for the parties, looking around for stuff, studying late nights and still getting up early with dizzy eyes to be able to pass in the exam and then cribbing about the college, the system and the management. We can spend long hours discussing what is wrong and what should be done, cribbing about the college.

I can simply go on writing of so many instances which made my life so memorable here that now I don’t want to go from here. It has been so great to be in college again.

And now the time has come to move on with our lives, we all came with dreams in our eyes to be successful managers, to leave this institute with dream job in hand. But perhaps the destiny has something else in store for us, perhaps God wants us to be stronger than we are and is preparing us to be ready for the worst.

But despite all these problems we faced in these two years, and whatever we crib about the college, these would still be the most wonderful years of my life and there is no doubt about it.

Though I am moving ahead but I am taking with me the wonderful memories, the great time I spent gossiping on the last bench of the classroom, the wonderful time I had in canteen of my college. I am taking with me so many wonderful friends, whom I can treasure for my life.

I have faith in God and I am sure he has a wonderful plan for us in store. I am sure he will make us shine and he will show us the way to fulfill our dreams.

I thank you God for giving me a chance to be here and to be what I am today and to own so many treasured friendships today. I feel myself to be so wealthy today.

So I feel I am the richest person in the world today.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Life and Death

It is so strange. This life is so strange. The game between death and life is so strange and so unbeatable. The relationship between life and death is like the game of hide and seek. A person’s life sometimes becomes so much dependent on the other person’s that when death comes in and shatters everything it is difficult to handle the situation. It is difficult to bear the loss, to really understand and face the reality. The life of the person left behind seems so worthless and endless.

I really don’t know whether to believe in karma and then the tenure of life one lives based on those karmas. Also i wonder about the stories that there is a Yamraj and he comes and takes away the lives, as it is shown in the movies.

These are weird stories if one thinks about them in depth and hard to believe too. But I do believe in a strong relationship in life and death. Death is a reality which shatters the dream called life. In life we plan so much, we expect so much, we yearn so much. But death is so unplanned. It comes without a notice, and takes away all we had gathered , takes away the beautiful dreams we were living in n leaves back only memories.

And this pain is felt when you face it yourself, when you lose someone close to u; only then u can feel the pain. And understand the irony called life or the truth called death.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Love just happened

It just happened,
I never had to push it through.

Being together and spending time,

sharing me with you just happened.

While knowing you and listening to you,

falling in love with you just happened.

While looking at you and smiling with you,

happiness in me just happened.

Walking by your side holding your hand,

becoming your best friend just happened.
Leaning on you unsaid while you wiped my tears,

trusting you as my beloved just happened.

And here I stand, smiling,

knowing that love with you just happened,

I never had to push it through.

It just happened.
Love to me just happened.